What Is Daniels Spectrum

Each year, we provide subsidized bookings in our event spaces. These spaces include the Ada Slaight Hall and the Artscape Lounge. These subsidies are made possible thanks to the generosity of The Slaight Family Foundation and revenues raised by The Journey. Applications are reviewed by the Artscape staff and a selection committee comprised of Regent Park community members. 

Priority is given to individuals and organization from Regent Park, and organizations serving the Regent Park community. In addition, priority is given to first-time applicants as well as events that are free of charge.

Successfull applicants are entitled to one subsidized rental per year.  Events or activities that are soley religious in nature or those that include the proselytization of religious beliefs will not be considered eligible for subsidy under this program (but will be strongly considered if they include an artistic or cultural component).

Please note: no fee will be charged to your for the room itself, however, it is the responsibility of the user(s) to cover additional costs such as technicians, security, venue supervisor, etc.

If you require assistance with this application, please contact Elle Alconcel at ealconcel@artscape.ca
Ends on April 30, 2018
The BC Artscape Sun Wah *Second* Call for Tenants is now open for applications. The Call for Tenants provides full details about rental opportunities available. Please read this document in full before completing your application. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Accepted file types are PDF, doc and docx.

BC Artscape現在公開接受第二次的租戶申請。招租文件提供了所有關於BC Artscape租賃機會的詳情。在提交申請表格之前,請先將文件詳細參考。

可接收的檔案為PDF,doc 及docx 文件。

Please notify Artscape staff of your maintenance request by completing this form. 

If you are reporting an urgent maintenance request after business hours, please call 416-509-3984 – which is a direct line to our superintendent team.

Business Hours are 9 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday.
This form is for confirming your booking at Artscape Sandbox

Please fill out the following fields to help us better understand who you are and what you plan on doing at Artscape Sandbox.  

Please tell us everything you know to date - it you are unsure just indicate that your plans are in progress or have questions.  

Please consult the Client Guide for policies and contact information.

This application is for booking a project or event in Flex Studios at Artscape Youngplace.

Please fill out the following fields to help us better understand who you are and what you plan on doing in the Flex Studios. Please consult the website for more information on the Studios and the Flex program: http://artscapeyoungplace.ca/flex-studios/

If you have any questions, contact Megan Press, Program Manager at mpress@artscape.ca or Claire Leighton, Events and Sales Coordinator at cleighton@artscape.ca.

This application is for expressions of interest for use of exhibition space at Artscape Youngplace.

To apply, complete the following fields to help us better understand who you are and what you would like to exhibit in the Hallway Galleries. 

If you have any questions or would like to view floorplans of the exhibition spaces, contact Megan Press at mpress@artscape.ca